Who is Paycasa

Paycasa boasts an elite team of world renowned experience in fintech, global banking, payment processing and finance. Collectively the Paycasa team has run global organizations representing hundreds of billions of dollars of enterprise value.


Mark Itwaru Chairman and CEO
Mark Itwaru is serial entrepreneur with 18 years experience in running payment processing companies who has successfully founded several companies based on his patented technologies  Mr. Itwaru holds patents on ecommerce carrier billing, QR code based mobile payments transactions, ultrasonic sound codes for payment processing, mobile device gesture based payment systems and distributed wallet accounts for international money remittances. Mr. Itwaru was the founder and CEO of Navaho Networks an online payment processing company specializing in non card based online payment processing.  Navaho Networks services processed  several billions of dollars in transactions and provided  advanced fraud avoidance services to the online gambling industry.
Mr. Itwaru is also the founder and CEO of Peeks Social an e-commerce enabled live streaming social network.  Peeks Social allows it’s users to interact and transact with each other via a live streaming social network.  Peeks social was voted number 1 tech company by the Toronto Venture exchange   in 2016.  In a year since its launch Peeks has climbed to being the 15th top grossing social app in the US.  Mr. Itwaru also currently runs Paycasa Corp. payments processing company providing a digital currency payments platform to entities in the digital currency industry as well as fiat based payment processing services. Prior to founding his first company Mr. Itwaru worked at AT&T Canada designing wide area networks for financial and governmental institutions.

The Team

Mark Itwaru
David Kerry
SVP Technology
William Lavin
David Vinokurov
VP Corporate Affairs
Thomas Carlson
Creative Director
Inhyuck Kim
Director Mobile App Development
Sara Al Kindy
Manager Mobile App Development
Robert Dixon
VP Blockchain Services